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Built to make the most out of your phone. Bring it anywhere and create quality footage.

Buy Professional Video Camera Tripods Online in USA

Dream footage

This high quality Gimbal was built in order to supply the ever growing need for professional videos, made by phones. Phone cameras get better and better every year, but the human body dose not. To fully utilize the improving lenses we need a tool to Stabilize our footage.

No more shakes

The first electric "gimbal" was created in 2013 and since then it has been reforming the way we think about video creation. We intuitively like videos made with gimbals. This "no shake" professional look is now a staple both in high-budget movies and home made videos. The improvement of phone cameras created a need for this new technology. Presented by Balanceer.

Tripod for Photography and Video Shooting Online for Sale in USA

What is the best budget Travel Tripod online in the USA?

Capture your every moment on the go and make the most of your next travel destination with Balanceer’s Gimbal – the most trusted tripod for photography online for sale in the USA. Take it along anywhere with you and make the most out of your phone when you are travelling next time to your dream place.

What is the best tripod for video shooting online in the USA?

If you love capturing every moment or love to record the heart-warming sunsets from your phone, then get your hands on Balanceer’s Gimbal. Making the most use out of the phone and its day by day improving the camera, Gimbal from Balanceer gives you more room to experiment with your video style and allows you to record your dream video with ease.

Which tripod is best for vlogging?

If you are a Youtuber and loves uploading your travel vlogs, then Balanceer’s Gimbal is the one for you. Unlike any traditional tripod that is heavy and not easy to carry, these Gimbal tripods are much light-weighted and help you record a smooth video on the go. If you love vlogging, then buy Peak Design Travel Tripod online in the USA from Balanceer, and you are all sorted.

How to avoid a shaky video?

If you are tired of recording a shaky video from your phone and want to improve the quality of the video, then here we are with Balanceer’s Gimbal; buy professional Video Camera Tripods online to say goodbye to those shaky videos.